2020/5/20 14:18:41


    In this era when everyone is a photographer, many cameras or mobile phones are very good at taking photos, such as group photos among friends, self photos or travel photos with a punch card, which can be done with a click. It's easy to record images, but how can you make them better or different? Today, Jinan art test photography training to share a wave of dry photography, get up quickly!


    Photography subjects are very wide, everyone has their own preferences, such as landscape, portrait, ecology and so on. And every theme has its difficulties and challenges. The most important thing is to grasp the essence. When you face the incomparable scenery, whether you will be helpless, or it is difficult to shoot the effect you want. Let's share some common scenery photography themes and shooting skills, hoping to help you who love photography as well.


    Flowers and plants: magic of light and shadow


    Compared with other photography subjects, flowers and plants are easy to use. As long as the main flowers are photographed clearly and the background is virtual, the flowers will naturally stand out. When shooting, you need to pay attention to the accuracy of the focus, and the background should be as simple as possible. Close to the flower, use a large aperture, long focal lens to shoot, in order to obtain better visualization effect.


    Of course, we must have different pursuits. For example, if you try to shoot at a low angle, you can get a picture different from the conventional perspective. If there are many people and sundries on the scene, you can also get a simple sky background by shooting at a low angle, which can highlight the flower theme more. Using the telephoto lens to shoot bees, butterflies and other common insects will also bring good decorative effect to the picture.


    Light is also very important for taking photos of flowers. With good use of light, we can take dramatic effects and make our photos more imaginative. Whether it's a smooth, backlight or side light, there will be different effects. This is also a common shooting method. You can try to take a circle around the flower at the front, 45 angle, front side and other places. By comparison, it's easy to find the most beautiful angle and take a good picture of the flower.


    Water waterfall: a dreamland with slow shutter speed


    Water and waterfall are the subjects that many photographers like. I believe that we have seen the dreamlike photography of water, waterfall or waves. How is this shot?


    Silk water is a special effect shot by using the principle of slow shutter. The shutter speed determines how your water flows. The shutter speed is not the slower the better, but depends on the situation at that time and the effect you want to express. For example, the shutter speed is 1 / 4 second, 1 second, 4 seconds and so on. Finally, choose your favorite sense of flow.


    If you want to shoot silk like water, remember to use a tripod. Shooting silk water shutter speed is at least slower than 1 / 4 second. At such a slow shutter speed, it is impossible to use a hand-held camera, so tripod is a necessary tool for slow shooting. Use the mobile phone on the tripod, and slow down the shutter speed in professional mode. You can also get such a picture.


    Sunrise and sunset: seize the fleeting light


    At sunrise and sunset, the light is soft, the sky is rendered with colorful colors, and the picture has attractive charm, which is a good opportunity for any photography enthusiast not to miss. But the time of sunrise and sunset is very short. Every minute in this short time, the scenery may change a lot. It is not a simple thing to record the beautiful sunrise and sunset perfectly in a short time.


    Half an hour before sunrise and about half an hour after sunset is the golden time for shooting. Arriving at the shooting site in advance and choosing the right location is half the success. For example, the mountains or tall buildings with higher terrain will be more abundant and can better show the sunrise and sunset. In addition, open seaside and lake are also good choices.


    When shooting sunrise and sunset, in order to avoid too monotonous picture, we can use characters or surrounding objects as a foil to add some charm to the picture. It should be noted that the foreground should not be too much or too heavy, otherwise it will affect the balance of the picture.


    Night view: capture the beauty in the night


    Sleepless city has rich colors, colorful lights depict a colorful picture, shooting night scene has certain difficulty, complex light is difficult to control the accuracy of exposure.


    Slow shutter speed is also required for night scene shooting. A stable tripod is also important. Use slow shutter at night to shoot beautiful car tracks, star tracks, light paintings, and even some invisible light. Many mobile phones have the special function of shooting night scenes, which is very practical. They can even shoot special pictures such as traffic flow, star track, etc.


    For night scene shooting, I will first use aperture priority mode to measure light, set aperture value and sensitivity, for example, use f / 8, iso200, and the camera's final shutter speed is 2 seconds; then use manual exposure mode, set aperture to f / 8, iso200, and shutter speed is 2 seconds, and try to take a picture; check the effect taken, and adjust the parameters according to the specific situation and desired effect. If you feel that the overall dark, you can choose to extend the exposure time, try not to increase the aperture or improve the sensitivity. In addition, make good use of the reflection of water surface, and the night scene will be very distinctive.