2016/5/13 13:53:31
    Today, we Ji'nan college entrance examination of the training institutions to introduce a small series to introduce some of the skills to enhance the creativity of photography:
    Tip 1: turn your camera
    Normal shooting photos should put the camera provided, to ensure that the exposure will not due to camera shake and make fuzzy picture, but in fact planned rotation your camera can make the picture becomes smoke like, add the art of color, especially when you toward the different colors of light or shoot at night is more obvious, techniques for slowing down your shutter, so you have enough time to catch the light.
    Tip 2: creative focus
    Who says the focus must be on the main body, in fact, sometimes the camera to manual focus and deliberately so that the main deviation from the focus can make a feeling like painting.
    3 skills: shooting from the ground
    Reward trial ultra low angles to shoot objects, for subjects with normal to the naked eye to see the feeling is different, if with a wide-angle lens more prominence of subject, exaggerated the effect of expression.
    4 skills: shooting at a focal length
    Shooting tune more focal (commonly known as "explosive"), in fact, is when the camera shutter release moment change the focal length of the zoom, out of the picture will be dynamic is a very simple technique, but only for zoom lens
    Tip 5: deliberately let your photo exposure
    General photos will be required to have the correct exposure, will not allow the photo exposure or exposure, but in fact, sometimes deliberately make photos seriously exposed can also express a kind of "science fiction" effect.
    Tip 6: flash with slow sync shutter (slow sync)
    Night portrait photography can with slow sync shutter absorb light of the field, the flash to subject "freeze", if add skills 2 referred to the "explosive" skills will be able to take a creative photo the.
    Tip 7: shoot from a height
    Comparative skill 4 lowest shooting, we can order from a point of view to capture pictures is from a height down beat, in addition to taken from the plane, in fact, can also be the tripod and shutter wire or self timer function to achieve this effect, suggest using wide angle fisheye lens even pictures, they are more interesting.
    Tip 8: make the best use of the B shutter
    B快门即是灯泡,当你把相机调到第S -模式或M型并一直把快门调慢,相机便会显示“灯泡”的字样,那么你便是在用B快门了。B快门的意思是快门一直开启来曝光,直至拍摄者再次按下快门按扭才关闭快门,这个技巧可把非常暗的地方拍成色彩丰富(如晚上的郊外),也能用来拍摄星轨和烟花。
    B shutter is a light bulb, when you turn the camera to the first S - mode or M type and has been slow to slow the shutter, the camera will display the "light bulb", then you are using the B shutter. B shutter mean shutter has been open to exposure, until the photographer again press the shutter button to close the shutter. This technique can be put in a very dark place a rich colors (such as the night in the suburbs of), can also be used for shooting star track and fireworks.
    Tip 9: increase noise
    When raising the standard value, although can make faster shutter, but the noise will be relatively increased, the photo is not smooth. But if we deliberately increase noise and with the appropriate environment atmosphere, photo immediately bring nostalgia, cinematic feel, make ordinary photos more add taste.
    Tip 10: multiple exposure
    Multiple exposure is on the same piece of film shooting multiple photos, you can use a normal focus of another a photo of coke Lailing add color art, or that a person has a doppelganger like in phase occurs repeatedly, but to pay attention to some of the entry-level camera does not contain the function of multiple exposure. This would require the rely on Photoshop layer technology.
    Tip 11: custom white balance
    The correct white balance can certainly make photo shows exactly when ambient light color, but if we deliberately change white balance setting, may make the photos bring out another special atmosphere and effect. Pictured above left to auto white balance, right for manual white balance, on the right side of the picture can bring night, melancholy feeling.
    Skill 12: infrared photography
    Infrared photography is more complex, because it need to modify your camera or plus infrared filter, but shooting out of the effect is very special, like black and white photograph but not the same. If the light filters will be a lot of Inter, it is recommended to use three tripod or high standard.