2016/3/25 12:02:59
    Today we Shandong art photography training institutions Xiaobian give you is the source of elements and less minimalist photography art ":
    First, the origin of Ji Jian photography
    Minimalist photography stems from "photographic subtraction", with "little known art". These quiet pictures consist of very few elements. This kind of photography art has a certain challenge, only through the layout of the one or two elements to express some information. Minimalist style originated from the artists of the twentieth Century, the use of a minimal amount of color, shape, lines and texture elements. In the art world, this style is considered to be a very subjective concept, its connotation and interpretation are determined by the views of the reader's own works.
    Two, the elements of Ji Jian photography
    color simple.
    The first element of minimalist photography, is the color is pure, this is particularly important in landscape photography. Let the picture scenery wash Qianhua, single color but not monotonous, like colored sketch, with only high light and shadow, and the shadow of the demarcation line to speak, to build a beautiful piece of pure beauty.
    When shooting outdoors, try to broaden your horizons and to find the main colors in the scene, any scene will have a dominant hue, or said to have a solid occupy picture most location, such as clean sky, such as the edge of the woods a piece of grass, or the edge of the reef a piece of quiet marine. Then you've caught the 99% of this very simple photo, but where are the 1%? That is a picture of the punchline, or "points of interest", to break the deadlock in element composition. The sky clouds a plane, the grassland is a horse or a few sheep, the sea can be a sailboat or fishing boats moored in people with a few stakes. At this time there is the motivation in the picture, instant activation, contrast with the background color, only the more minimalist quiet feeling.
    keep simple
    This is minimalist photography the most basic principle, simple does not mean boring and a striking or with attractive subject can seize the audience's eye. The subject must be the most powerful element in the photo, although it may not be the main picture. Before shooting, take some time to think about what you want to eat, and what you want to get away with. Space around the main body can play a role in its emphasis, so it may be used to zoom in or out of the way to remove any distracting things. Because the simple, the position of the main body may directly lead to the impact of the screen, you can use the theme and lines, graphics, fractal, texture of the relationship between the idea. Minimalist led to the picture content is scarce, so need to color to make up for, bright, high contrast and contrast are easier to form impact. Minimalist itself requires you know what you want to express, through the finite element organization of infinite imagination.
    the main clear
    例如在冬季的草原上,除了茫茫一望无尽的雪原,几乎看不到其他任何景物,这时可以尝试进行拍摄极简主义的风光作品,这里的风景更是具备传统国画意味。极简主义风光会让你在感官上感觉更加简约和优雅,利用简单的线条和光影描绘出高雅的画面效果。但是,极简主义风光不意味着画面上空空荡荡, 一无所有。在画面中心,我们还是需要一个比较清楚、明晰的主体。例如:在雪原上昂首独立的枯树就适合作为画面主体的元素,而连绵的远山和层叠的乌云可能会让画面不那样单调,在雪原上孤立的树木有时可能是拍摄雪原风光最容易出片儿的方式。但是需要注意的一点是,画面中有云和画面中没有云的效果差别是非常明显的。
    For example in the winter of grassland, in addition to the vast endless snowfield, almost can not see any other scene, then you can try to shoot the minimalist landscape works, the scenery here is with traditional Chinese painting means. The minimalist landscape will let you in the sensory feeling more simple and elegant, depict the elegant picture effect by simple lines and light. However, minimalist scenery does not mean that the screen is empty, nothing at all. At the center of the picture, we still need a clear, clear body. Example: tree in the snowfield proudly independent, for as the main body of the picture elements, and rolling mountains and cascading clouds may would keep the picture is not so monotonous, in the snowfield isolated trees may sometimes shooting snow scenery of the most vulnerable children. But one thing to note is that there are no clouds in the picture and there is no difference in the effect of the cloud is very obvious.