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    Unimportant points
    济南艺术摄影培训因为摄影者搞不清他所要表现的 是什么,是人物,还是风景?从构图安排和主题构思上讲,照片只能有一个主体,而其它内容应以主体为中心,起陪衬作用,并更好地突出及表达主体内涵。从室外 的风景照而言,一般有以下两种情况:
    Often see pictures of people in the park, the photographer and the subject from far away, and the use of the camera does not have a zoom lens, we can conclude that it is not a real photo. Because the photographer do not clear what, is he wants to express is a character, or the scenery? From the composition and theme concept of speaking, the photos can have only one subject, and other content should be centered, play the supporting roles, and to better highlight the main connotation and expression. From the outdoor scenery illumination, generally have the following two kinds of circumstances:
    (1) 以人物以中心。

    绝大多数摄影属于此列。我们到风景点旅游或是到公园闲庭信步,拍照留影主要作为日后的美好回忆,可选择代表性的建筑、花丛、草地、湖水等等 背景来衬托主体人物。人物在画面中应占据主要地位,成为视觉中心,若能进一步通过表情、动作等内容生动再现人物的内在气质,那必将使其值得永久珍藏!
    (1) to the character in the center. Most of the photography belong to this category. We went to the scenic spot tourism or to park stroll, take pictures mainly as memories of the future, can choose the representative building, flowers, grass, water and so on the background of main body character. People should occupy a dominant position in the picture, become the visual center, if can further through action expression, vivid contents reproducing inner temperament of the characters, it will make it worth saving!
    (2) 以风景为中心,用人物作点缀。

    多用于表现特别的景致。如拍大佛像,以画面中占了很小比例的人来反衬佛像之大,以表现古代文明之伟大成就;再如杭州太子湾公 园,春天草坪养护期间,圈起保护的大片大片嫩绿的草地连绵至远处墨绿的青山,再加上孩子们吹的泡泡随风飘逝,形成绝妙的人造自然景观,在构图中把绿色作为 主体,人物点缀其生机,以展现那种人间天堂的美景。阴阳脸与大黑脸 “阴阳脸”是指人像面部受到90度 侧光的照射,一半黑,一半白,这种方式的拍摄往往表现强烈的戏剧效果,若作为生活摄影就不太合适。大黑脸是指逆光人像曝光不足的后果。若拍摄人物背影或侧 面,倒是可以达到剪影效果。而拍摄正面人像,最好是适当加以补光,比如用闪光灯或是反光板之类的工具加以弥补。初学者往往不注意光线在整体构图中的作用, 或者总是习惯性地使用一成不变的某种光线,所以难以提高。先了解光线的基本知识,再动手实践,勇于突破,才能跨越自己。头上长树 由于照片的平面造型特点,一不小心,很容易把远处的树枝、电线杆“嫁接”到主体人物上,仿佛从头上长出来一样,使原先可能很好的照片美中不足。其实只要在拍摄的时候,稍加留意变换角度就可以避免。济南艺考摄影培训:
    (2) with the scenery as the center, with the character for embellishment. Used for expressing such views. Such as making the big Buddha, to the screen in a very small percentage of people to reflect the Buddha, to show the great achievements of ancient civilizations; moreover Hangzhou Prince Bay Park, the spring lawn maintenance period, enclose large tracts of green grass stretching to the distance protection of the green mountains, plus children blowing bubbles gone with the wind, the formation of artificial natural landscape wonderful, to green as the main body in composition, characters adorn its vitality, in order to show that the beauty of an earthly paradise. The face of yin and Yang and the big black face "the face of yin and Yang" refers to the portrait face by 90 degree side light, half black, half white, this way of photographing often showed strong dramatic effect, as if life photography is not suitable. Big black refers to the backlight portrait exposure consequences of insufficient. If shooting people back or side, it is can achieve the silhouette effect. While filming a positive portrait, it is best to properly fill, such as flash or light reflecting plate like a tool to compensate. Beginners often do not pay attention to the role of light in the whole of the composition, or always used some light to use immutable and frozen, so it is difficult to improve the. To understand the basic knowledge of light, then practice, have the courage to break through, to cross our own. A long head tree because the plane modeling features photos, one not careful, it is easy to distant branches, poles "grafting" to the main character, as if from a long out, so that the original can be very good photos a fly in the ointment. In fact, as long as the filming, a little attention to the transform angle can avoid.